I started using my the camera a few years back. Since I was already modelling a lot, the easiest way was to take myself as a subject so I started recording my own movement, place I was travelling to and experimentation. I came out to become my self portrait series. Later, models started posing for me. I have always been fascinated by the idea that perspectives. As a model, you experience a lot of situations where people want to have you in front of their lens as a way to control and get something for themselves, without understanding that the model is not just a pretty body, that this is before all an eccounter in which both people have to strip away their ego if you want real art to happen.

The idea of art is something that also fascinates me a lot, a matter that I have been trying to understand. After reading and searching, I came to the conclusion that "real art" is not a thing, but a state in which creation can happen. An art that wants to defend a name, a person, an image of oneself is an a small art that is not alive. Inspired artists paint, do photos, sculpt or dance beyond themselves. It happens in a moment when you let go your knowledge, your boundaries and you are ready to face yourself, let yourself be taken by something beyond you. This are is not personal, it becomes a celebration to the mere process of life, ever changing life. Whatever is created is not yours. 

My photos talk about this quest, this endless questioning. I am fascinated by human beings, human nature, culture. I love meeting artsits, models, people different than me, who are beautiful human beings. I love hearing stories about life through their eyes and eventually witnessing it through their art. My work is a drop in the ocean, I do not think myself as a photographer, it is just that I can't help but taking photos, trying to unveil the mystery of life. I am just in love, with whatever happen, and my photos are like stones on a path,, that helps me to remember what happens before, and guide me towards the next exploration. It is where time is beyond a line and becomes a circle where past and future are contained in this present moment. 



A walk in the forest

A series created out of two sessions that combines nature shots, selfpotraits and photos of Liv (model from US). Parallels of various perspectives reminds us that the world is a globality in which everything is an echo of something else.