Art is in the heart. The process of seing never stops. This is day after day teaching, learning how to see the world. From small details to global view, from nature to objects, from the body to the space, everything seem different, yet, each thing is the echo of the other. Season after season I travel. I take photos, of what I see, of what touches me. I am being photographed by other models or photographers, and I write. I try to capture an emotion through my body, my photos, my words. There is nothing to understand, only to feel.


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Education and Experience


I have a master degree in Anthropology (specialized in anthropology of body and anthropology of religions), therefore my artistic approach is reflective, based on observation and related to understand the image in a global perspective. As a model, photographer or writer I am aware of  the cultural process and use of symbols, untold and deep language that exists in all society. 

As an artist, I am self thought in everything I am doing. I modelled for hundreds of fine-art classes and photography workshops and therefore learnt from the best teacher of various horizons about light, composition, color, technique and artistic process. 



Phylactère Model


After 10 years of modelling, I now only work for very specific projects and specific people. If I feel that your style of photography does not fit my ideas and sensibility I will not work for you.  I can work with beginners as much as professional photographers: for me the only requirement to work together is to feel that there is a real communication and listening of each other in the process of creation. 

Modelling details and restrictions


Phylactère Photography


Over the last two I worked for various people asking me to document personal projects. Working nude, or simply having photograph taken is a direct confrontation to oneself. The process can be liberating and accompanying a personal research.  

I work and adapt myself to each situation and need for the session. We come up with a general idea, I will propose a concept either using a photography mood bords, drawing or writing. I can be a one moment session or a long term documentation.